MissionWorks is an official equipping experience of the Local Conference or area for pastors and their church leadership teams. Teams and participants are challenged to reach everyone in their territory through presentations covering missional topics. Functional vision driven teams are developed through carefully constructed practical tasks to implement a missional plan for each church community. Each Mission-focused leadership team is composed of 10-12 people from each church or district. MissionWorks focuses on helping these teams work together around tables to create a strategic missional plan that is born from their particular vision. On returning home, the ministry team continues to refine the vision, involve other members, and further develop their ministry plan for reaching every person in their territory for God. 



Creating missional church leadership teams that will take responsibility for and develop plans to systematically reach every person in their territory through relevant outreach ministries.


The Missional Leadership Team

The members of the team are to be chosen with intentionality by the local church leadership. Its purpose is to create, with the pastor, the long-range and short-term mission strategy for their team and later, for the congregation. An ideal team would include such people as:

  • Visionary - an ideas person, a promoter
  • Doer - an action person, creates and maintains momentum
  • Details - an organizing person, creates informed paths
  • Spiritual - a people-oriented person, bonds to group to God and each other
  • Influencers - key players on the board, mainline managers
  • Expertise - work experience, business people, relevant to the task
  • Credible - people of good reputation
  • Leaders - proven leaders, able to drive the process
  • Two or three responsible youth and young adults


How It Works

Divide the Conference or the area into territories or assign territories to participating churches.

Select a location to hold MissionWorks.

Churches located far from the host site can form teams and join remotely by ZOOM video conferencing.



The budget is determined in consultation with the NAD Evangelism Institute as the event is planned.


Time & Schedule 

Carve out a weekend – MissionWorks starts on Friday evening and goes to Saturday evening or Sunday noon. 


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